Using CAGD research findings to create a fun & educational supply chain management game for kids.

D’ORCS is an eco-conscious supply chain management sim for kids aged 8-12 years about the nerdy Orcs who stay home and run the stronghold while the all the “cool” (i.e., tough, obnoxious) Orcs are out stealing, scavenging, or destroying every resource in sight.

This is a unique collaboration between University of Toronto children’s games scholar, Dr. Sara Grimes, and industry innovator, A-Game Studios, that integrates cutting-edge theories of child-inclusive design. Children’s safety and privacy rights, value-sensitivity and accessibility considerations are baked in through age-appropriate design, to ensure that this is a smart choice for parents and a safe space for kids to create, share and interact. Through story and humour, this game educates without being didactic, and fosters a conscientious understanding of our modern interconnected global economy and the impact of industry on the environment.